Long Distance

Plan Options

*Rate subject to change. One month minumum required.
** Access Montana toll is domestic calls only. International
calls & operator are handled 

Access Montana Calling Plans Rate Per Minute Montly Fee
Flat $.12  N/A
7-7-7 $.07


200 Silver*  200 minutes included    
additional minutes $.15/min
300 Gold*  300 minutes included     
additional minutes $.15/min
Tips on choosing and using your long distance carrier

· Choose a plan based on your needs

· Check to see if the plan has a monthly fee

· Check to see if the plan has a minute minimum charge per call

· Watch for different rates for days, nights, or weekends

· Connection fee (Such as a per call connection fee)

· Watch for calling plans that have different instate (intrastate) rates

· Watch for rate plans based on the person you are calling having the same plan as you

No matter who you have your long distance phone service with, watch for rate changes. 

Make your choice the right choice with Access Montana Long Distance.

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