Voice Mail


Access Your Mailbox

Step 1
  From your home or business dial 676-6245 (mail).

Step 2 You will hear a greeting saying "please enter user box number." While this message is playing, please press the # key. If calling from a remote phone, your user box number is your telephone number.

Step 3  Enter your temporary pin code, followed by the # key. Your pin code will be a default code of "0000" until you change it.

 To retrieve messages
9 For mailbox setup

To Retrieve Messages:

There are three options in message retrieval menu:
 For new messages
2 For Saved Messages
* To return to main menu/or listen to messages

To listen to messages:
 To play or replay message
2 To save message and go to the next message
3 To delete message and go to the next message
4 To save message as new
7 To skip back 3 seconds
To pause or continue message
9 To skip forward 3 seconds
* To return to main menu

Mailbox Setup:

There are three options in mailbox set-up menu:
For greeting options (you can disregard this step if you choose to use the default greeting).
2 To change your password
* To return to main menu

To change or record your greeting
 Greeting options
4 To record your greeting
# To end recording function
1 To listen to greeting
2 To save greeting (Greeting must be saved to be activated)
3 To delete greeting
To re-record greeting
2 Accept new greeting
* To return to mailbox set-up

To change your pin code:
 To change your pin code


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